Regal-Quick-Ship1Regal Electronics Announces New Quick Ship Program for Prototype Quantities
of its Speaker and Connector Components  — In by 4:00, Out that Day

Sunnyvale, CA — Regal Electronics has announced a new “Quick Ship” program for prototype applications.  According to Regal CEO Madeleine Lee, “We stock the vast majority of our connectors, speakers and related components, including our EMI/RFI suppression line of connectors.   We recognize that engineers and designers only need a relative few of our products to either test their designs or solve a problem.  Typically, when solving a problem they need the part ‘yesterday.’  Now, we’ve formalized the process as our ‘Quick Ship’ program.  In most cases, if a customer requests ‘Quick Ship’ for an order received by 4:00pm our time (PDT), we’ll have it out that day.”

Regal offers a complete line of RJ-45, mini-din, and HDMI connectors, EMI/RFI noise suppression connectors, micro and miniature speakers, and related components and accessories.